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Michelle Cook will fight for your child to ensure they receive an appropriate education. She does not back down when districts try to refuse to provide services to her clients. She will get your child the resources they need so they can be successful in school. If you are looking for a passionate and knowledgeable advocate Michelle is definitely the one for you.

Kathy S. October 15, 2018


Ms. Cook has been advocating for my daughter for 3 years and I thank God for her. She’s VERY knowledgeable and definitely gets the job done. My daughter struggled in school since kindergarten. The school district never seemed to be able to determine why she was struggling. Michelle came on board and quickly identified a comprehension psychological evaluation was needed to give us a clearer picture of my daughter's learning deficits.  Thank you Michelle for all you do!!

Valerie H.   - Georgia


Ms. Cook really is God-sent, she fights to get the appropriate services for your child.  She gets results in IEP meetings. She goes above and beyond for her clients. If you ever need an advocate I suggest that you contact her. And just in case she doesn't know, she is very much appreciated for all that she has done and continues to do. 

Tolera P.  - Georgia


Michelle Cook and her advocacy services have been indispensable in our daughter's education. Her knowledge of the school system and the services that are out there has truly made a huge impact. We would have been lost without her. Her expertise and tenacity in advocating for us and all her clients is truly a blessing.

Kara M. - Georgia


Michelle will fight tooth and nail for your child. I was being ignored for years in the school system.  I went to teachers, counselors, and principals to share my concerns about my son.  All my concerns seemed to fall on deaf ears.  My son was eight years old at the time. Michelle listened to my concerns and got the ball rolling to find out what was going on with my son. With Michelle's help, I found out my son had a learning disability. He had been struggling since Kindergarten,  The school district failed to do any testing to determine whether a disability existed.  He is now entering high school in the fall. Michelle does not back down, she will get your child all services they need.  We are now getting more support from the school district,  all because of Michelle. She means business and there’s no stopping her !!! Thank you, Michelle you are an angel sent from God !!!

Adriana M.  - Georgia


Michelle has been a blessing for my family. I couldn't get my son the help he needed until she stepped in. As soon as she did we started to see change and my son is continuing to blossom. She knows which type of evaluations and assessments are needed to assess your child and develop an IEP.  Michelle has heard every "excuse" the districts will give to try to not help our kids! She's an amazing advocate and I definitely recommend her! I'm not sure what all terms mean and she breaks it down for me! She will always do what's necessary for your child to be successful in school. 

Sabrina R. - North Carolina 


Michelle Cook will fight for your child to ensure they receive an appropriate education. I met her in 2016 and she has done nothing but continue to open doors for my son. She made sure his school and the district provided everything he needs to be successful. Still to this day, she represents him and I would not have it any other way. Love you, Ms. Cook!

Lakesa H. -  Georgia


Michelle has been advocating for my children since 2016. She is very knowledgeable in the area of special education law. She does not play games with the school district. In fact, once she comes on board things quickly turn around. My oldest child has graduated from high school. My middle child is entering junior high. Once I hired Michelle the roadblocks from the districts came down. She has followed me from Georgia to Kentucky and finally to Florida advocating for my children. She communicated with all psychologists, doctors, or anyone else I needed. Michelle will never stop fighting for your child. 

Valreca R. - Florida



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If you would like to leave a comment regarding our service, please do so here. The comment will come to my email address and I will have it published on our website. We want all feedback so do not feel hesitant to provide your experience as a client of ours. We will only publish your first name and your testimony to protect your privacy. Thank you for allowing us to advocate for your child!! 

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