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We are educational advocates. All children have a right to a free and appropriate education. Many children are not receiving a free and appropriate education because they are not receiving the appropriate services in school to be successful. That is where we come in. We help parents by advocating for the services their child is entitled to in the public school system.

The IEP process can be very confusing and intimidating to parents. Therefore, lack of knowledge about the process makes it difficult for them to actively participate in developing an appropriate IEP for their child.

Our job as an advocate is to ask questions, listen to the answers provided, identify the problem and propose solutions. We review documentation provided from the school, parents and other professionals to get an understanding of the specific needs of the child. Being familiar with the specific needs of the child helps us to get the appropriate services for them.   

We have over 25 years experience dealing with educators. We know first hand what it is like to have to fight for services for your child in the public school system. We have successfully obtained services for our own children and others.

Why Do You Need An Advocate?

  • Your child is not making progress in the public school system.
  • You do not understand the IEP or 504 process.
  • Your child is having academic or social problems and you do not know what steps you need to take to help your child.
  • Your child currently has an IEP or 504 and you do not know if your child's needs are being met.
  • You don't know what you don't know. Having an advocate by your side can help you navigate through the process more easily.
  • Your child is being disciplined inappropriately for actions attributed to their disability.
  • Your child discipline record is not accurate due to your child being disciplined inappropriately.
  • Your child has been kicked out of the public school system or placed in an alternative school and the district refuses to address the issues causing the placement.
  • Your child is being bullied and the school system is failing to take action. 

An advocate can help you by helping you:

  • Understand your child's educational rights.
  • Understand the specific needs of your child.
  • Understand the results of formal assessments given to your child.
  • Learn strategies and techniques to help you teach your child how to advocate for themselves.


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